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Ben Roethlisberger Thinks The Steelers Tradition Is Done

The former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback thinks the “Steelers Way” is over.



PITTSBURGH, PA — Although they occupy the No. 6 seed in the AFC, it’s clear the Pittsburgh Steelers are underachieving this season.

Perhaps no one is more frustrated by the team’s laissez-faire approach to 2023 than Super Bowl-winning quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who called out the team’s current leadership group during a recent episode of his podcast “Footbahlin’ with Ben Roethlisberger.”

“It just feels like [certain guys aren’t in it for the team, they’re in it for themselves], it just feels like something that’s kind of been lost on this team a little bit,” Roethlisberger said. “It feels like ‘the Steeler way’ is just not [there]. … Maybe the tradition of the Pittsburgh Steelers is done. Maybe it needs to be formed a new kind of way. I don’t know.”

Roethlisberger’s remarks come on the heels of recent glimpses of division played out in the public eye. Over the last few weeks, running back Najee Harris has vented his frustration regarding the way the Steelers have played, and defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick called out some of his teammates for a lack of effort.

While he was complimentary of Pittsburgh’s defense, Roethlisberger seemed to take exception with the perceived softness of the team’s offense, stating they weren’t embodying any of the traditions passed down from players like himself, running back Jerome Bettis or center Alan Faneca.

“You have it on defense — don’t get me wrong — but you don’t have it on offense right now, and it’s just making it really hard,” Roethlisberger added. “You’re not seeing, in my opinion, the toughness on offense. And I say toughness in the sense of a Steeler toughness. … You need someone to stand up in that room, on offense, and be like, ‘Hey, this isn’t what it means to wear the black and gold. This isn’t what has been handed down from those teams of the ’70s.”

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