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Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers QB Working With New Helmet Cam Tech

The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback is trying out new helmet cam technology.



Pittsburgh, PA — Technology can be a great thing for the NFL when implemented appropriately. The Pittsburgh Steelers among other teams are trying out using a helmet-mounted camera on the quarterback that includes audio.

Pittsburgh is utilizing the camera with second-year quarterback Kenny Pickett to help record and break down how he is seeing the field pre-snap as well as during the play. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks coach thinks there is a benefit to using the technology but understands it is simply part of the entire process.

“It’s not perfect,” Sullivan said. “I mean it’s not like having an iPhone back there, but it does give a perspective so that from a pre-snap standpoint gives us a chance to see, ‘OK, Hey, you were looking here, what did you see? What were the tells by the alignment of the linebackers or where this player was, what have you?’ And then we’ve been able to intercut it or overlay it with that, his vision. So it’s just an additional resource, an additional teaching tool.”

In 2022, Pickett completed 63% of his passes for a 76.7 quarterback rating. With the weapons that Pickett has at his disposal, he has an opportunity to make a huge leap in year two. Anything that can help is something Pittsburgh must take advantage of if the Steelers want to compete in a crowded AFC North.

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