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Steelers Named Best Landing Spot for Veteran Running Back

The Pittsburgh Steelers were named as landing spot for running back.



PITTSBURGH, PA — The Steelers have two reliable running backs in Jaylen Warren and Najee Harris, but that doesn’t mean that the speculation wheel won’t go around to see if they’ll add someone else. In fact, after last week’s speculation about Dalvin Cook coming to Pittsburgh, it seems the very speculation about the running back position in Pittsburgh won’t stop.

Appearing on Good Morning Football, former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf was asked to name the best landing spot for veteran NFL running back Leonard Fournette since Fournette was on the show. The answer he came up with was, of course, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Fournette has played for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers and has terrorized the team in the past.

“I am a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan,” Leaf said. “You put him in the backfield with Najee, you get inside the 10-yard line, and Kenny Pickett won’t even need to throw the ball. All he’d do is turn around and hand the football to his guys, and that’s how Pittsburgh can take the AFC North.”

Former NFL cornerback Jason McCourty brought his perspective into the conversation as well, stating that if that did happen, there is no way he would want to play against Harris and Fournette if they were in the backfield.

“For the record, I do not want to play against Najee Harris and Leonard Fournette,” McCourty said. “I want no part of that. None at all. Cold, hot, whatever.”

Could it happen? Well, it’s far more plausible than the Cook scenario. The team does need a RB3 and Fournette could step in there and be that guy. Perhaps the veteran could find Pittsburgh as his home, but it seems far likelier that they will let this competition ride out and pick one of Anthony McFarland, Alfonzo Graham, Jason Huntley, and Darius Hagans for that spot in the running back room.

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