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Steelers Injuries

Najee Harris Reveals His Foot Injury Is More Serious Than Believed

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Najee Harris said he felt rust being back on the field, as his preseason injury was actually worse then previously believed.



PITTSBURGH, PA – The Pittsburgh Steelers have rarely been whole during this year’s preseason. The offense in particular has endured long weeks without some of its top weapons. But in their preseason finale against the Detroit Lions, they got their first look at what the presumed opening day starting lineup.

Najee Harris was in the backfield again after recovering from a foot injury. Harris said it was a sprained linsfranc, an injury that typically takes four to six weeks to heal. He is now roughly four weeks deep into the recovery process and, in his own words, still a little rusty. 

“It was good to get back out there,” Harris said. “I was a little bit rusty, I’ll admit. I was down for about four weeks. … I got my foot stepped on. I had a sprained linsfranc. So that’s why I was out for the majority of camp. So to get back in the motions of stuff, I felt a little rusty. I wasn’t too happy about my performance. Made a bad read on one run, had the false start.”

That said, Harris claims the foot feels fine. He’s just now getting over the injury, but hits like the ones he faced against Detroit will help him get back in regular season shape. 

“Getting live action like this [helps], because I’m not getting live action in practice,” Harris said. “They told me at the beginning of camp that I’d have one day of live and that’s it. That could be a good thing but also a bad thing, obviously because of things like this.”

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